Monday, April 25, 2011

Up Close and Personal

My heart is breaking today because my BCM (best cube mate) Annika is moving away. As she was cleaning out her desk she found this old magnifying glass that my last BCM Angelene (see a pattern here?) had left behind. Well, of course a zany photo shoot ensued...

This one is my favorite because it's creepy and dark. Go figure.

Photo of me taken by Anni.
For this is how she will always remember me and my loud cackle.  *Tear

Yes, she's only moved two rows over, but still.


  1. Tear tear tear!!! Heart with hands!

  2. and I am NOT Anonymous! It won't let me put my name. More tears. Oh this is Annika

  3. ahahaaa, i totally love these! have to admit i'm kinda sad that i was replaced but i know in my heart you still love me ;) sorry your BCM is moving away, i know that's not cool. i wish i was still there next to you...well maybe not there but next to you! love you!!!

  4. Your favorite is my favorite too! It looks like some enchanted foggy misty forest or something. Thanks for leaving the magnifying glass Angelene... and thanks to Christy for impromptu photo shoots.