Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hindu Wedding Part II

Here are the rest of my favorite shots from R&R's wedding:
The Wedding Party
Flower girls
The Bride

Pistachio ice cream!

First dance as husband and wife

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hindu Wedding Part I

R&R's wedding was the most beautiful and unique ceremony I've ever been too. We danced the groom in and ate ice-cream during the ceremony!  These are some of my favorite shots from that day. I've really tried to edit these down, but there were so many images that I liked - I'm going to have to make this a two-part post.
 Mother of the Bride

The Groom

Wedding Canopy

The Priest

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mehendi Party

I had the privilege of attending a Mehendi party the other night. There was folk dancing, spicy Indian food and henna applications. It was truly a festive, fun-filled celebration.

 A professional henna designer applied mehendi to the bride-to-be’s hands and feet. I was told the bride is not expected to perform any housework until her wedding Mehendi has faded!

 It is common for the names of the bride and groom to be hidden in the design. Ricardo is pointing out his name!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Dino Dress Photo shoot

Chloe loves dinosaurs. Her favorite is "Mean T-Rexy". To encourage this love of dinosaurs and to supplement her wardrobe, a friend's sister made this awesome dino dress and bag for her. It is hard to find dino clothes for girls, so Chloe was more than thrilled to receive this dino-rific dress and dino-tastic bag. So we loaded up the bag with (what else) dinosaurs and took to the back yard with the camera.


She also got a couple of bonus skirts. This one, as you can see, is perfect for twirling.

Plus she got this cute-as-can-be tutu! Thanks so much to Willa's very talented sister Ann for everything!