Monday, April 25, 2011

Up Close and Personal

My heart is breaking today because my BCM (best cube mate) Annika is moving away. As she was cleaning out her desk she found this old magnifying glass that my last BCM Angelene (see a pattern here?) had left behind. Well, of course a zany photo shoot ensued...

This one is my favorite because it's creepy and dark. Go figure.

Photo of me taken by Anni.
For this is how she will always remember me and my loud cackle.  *Tear

Yes, she's only moved two rows over, but still.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

For the love of Instagram

I mentioned my new favorite app Instagram in my last post. But I may not have mentioned just how addicted I am. I'm not sure if it's because it's new (to me), or because it's instant gratification, or because the results are almost always beautiful. Whatever the reason, while I may not be using my DSLR too much lately, I always have my cellphone handy.

To shoot pictures of nature:

To capture daily life:


To make self portraits:

To document the hilarity and beauty of friends:

To turn strangers into dreams:

Photojojo, another thing I really like, published a photo in their newsletter a couple of weeks back about Ten New Ways to Use Instagram. It has a lot of great new sites that utilize Instagram. Like these:

My favorite is Inkstagram - a site that lets you use Instagram on the computer! This is awesome, because while I do heart Instagram, I do NOT heart looking at images on the small screen of my phone.

For my foodie friend, Katherine: you can post food photos directly to Foodspotting through your Instagram account!

For my cat-loving friends (talking to you, Annika): InstaKitty and Nekostagram let you view photostreams of nuthin-but-cats. Cuteness personified.

You  can follow my stream on Instagram: asraigrrl