Thursday, April 14, 2011

For the love of Instagram

I mentioned my new favorite app Instagram in my last post. But I may not have mentioned just how addicted I am. I'm not sure if it's because it's new (to me), or because it's instant gratification, or because the results are almost always beautiful. Whatever the reason, while I may not be using my DSLR too much lately, I always have my cellphone handy.

To shoot pictures of nature:

To capture daily life:


To make self portraits:

To document the hilarity and beauty of friends:

To turn strangers into dreams:

Photojojo, another thing I really like, published a photo in their newsletter a couple of weeks back about Ten New Ways to Use Instagram. It has a lot of great new sites that utilize Instagram. Like these:

My favorite is Inkstagram - a site that lets you use Instagram on the computer! This is awesome, because while I do heart Instagram, I do NOT heart looking at images on the small screen of my phone.

For my foodie friend, Katherine: you can post food photos directly to Foodspotting through your Instagram account!

For my cat-loving friends (talking to you, Annika): InstaKitty and Nekostagram let you view photostreams of nuthin-but-cats. Cuteness personified.

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  1. ok, so now i have to get this app immediately! those pics are so cool!!! i especially love the pics of you and cm! hot stuff lady, mustache and all ;) thanks for sharing these! <3

  2. WHAT! I did not know you could post directly to Foodspotting on Instagram! I just learned about Foodspotting at the Food Blog Seminar last weekend. We need more people in Central Florida to start participating!

    I too, am beyond addicted to Instagram... and have gotten others to be addicted as well! Thank you for turning me on to such an amazing app!

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