Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

This week's post is a tribute to my husband. He's a wonderful, doting father. The kind of dad who drops everything to race his girl to the doctor when her school calls with the news that she's got an acorn stuck up her nose. The kind of dad who shaves his face because his daughter tells him his kisses are 'too pokey'. The kind of dad who (as I told Chloe the other day) will ruin her on men. Because one day, long from now, she will realize just how special her daddy is and how hard it will be to find a guy like him.
This is my new favorite picture of C and C.

This picture was taken right before her K3 end-of-the-year performance. I love the sweet, genuine pose and the fact that they are both looking at the camera! However, the lovely brick wall was not the original background. I'm including a 'before' shot below to show how much work went into this photo. I should have just moved them a couple of feet to the right, but when all else fails...photoshop!


  1. Love the background change, love the bent knee, love the head resting on the shoulder!! Adorable picture! :)

  2. Wow! Thanks for posting the before and after photos. You are a Photoshop genius! All of your work really does make for a better photo. Even removing the crack in the sidewalk helps keep the focus on father and daughter. Really nice work!