Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blueberry Picking

I have always wanted to go blueberry picking. For Chloe's birthday weekend extravaganza, we finally did. Blue Bayou Farms is a great place to not only pick blueberries ($4/lb.), but to enjoy some pastries or German food from the bakery next door. The blueberries are 100% organic, so you can eat as you're picking and not have to worry about consuming any nasty chemicals. There is nothing like warm, juicy, hand-picked blueberries. Nothing. Plus, on Sundays they have free pony rides. Can this place get any better?!?

 They are not really radioactive blue, that's just me getting squirly with photoshop...

This is what they really look like. Yum. (Chloe's fingernails courtesy of OPI's new Shrek colors)

They are so ripe, they're literally falling off the bushes

This is what happens when no one picks them. Do you want that on your conscience? Do you?!?


  1. LOVE Chloe's nails, and of course all of the other pictures! I was just telling Jon again how I want to go blueberry picking next weekend, and then cook up some crazy good food!

  2. I love these shots!! That first one is particularly fantastic! I really like how the background is out of focus while the blueberries are perfectly in focus - very nice :)