Thursday, May 24, 2012


Sometimes I wish for falling, wish for the release
Wish for falling through the air to give me some relief
Because falling's not the problem, when I'm falling I'm at peace
It's only when I hit the ground it causes all the grief
~Florence + The Machine

I had this fallen angel concept kicking around in my brain for a while and thanks to a dear friend of mine,  I finally had the opportunity to shoot it. When I was editing these, I developed a little story about them. The girl in this narrative fell on her own accord. Not because she got kicked out of heaven but because she wanted to go. Maybe just to check out things down here for a while. Of course, now that she's here, all she really wants is to go back home.



  1. Great job on all the photos! Looks like Sam had tons of fun!

  2. Love the reflections in the water. Nice. Cool shoot.

  3. Hi Christy.
    Sam (We call her SamIam) is an old and dear friend, and mostly distant. I had seen some of these photos on her facebook page and I finally got around to asking her who her photographer is. She pointed me to your blog.


    Buck Ward