Thursday, May 19, 2011

Better 1? Better 2?

Here is an example of my tendency to over think when I manipulate images. Does anyone else do this? Most of the time, when I work on whatever post production I'm doing, I'll get it to a point I like and then walk away from it for a day. The next day I come back and either still like it or start going in a different direction. Usually, the final image is obvious because it stands out from the other. But sometimes, I find that I can't decide which I like more. That is what happened here. Both of the images below evoke a different feeling, but I'm somehow drawn to both. Which do you prefer and why?

Here's the original image I started working with. It's a shot I took of one of the models at the Beauty shoot during SNAP weekend. Does seeing it influence your decision? Maybe that's part of my indecision problem, cause I do look back to the original a lot.


  1. I like the mysteriousness of makes me think of a 20's flapper hiding in the shadows of a speak-easy....

    (i'm not sure where I got 20's flapper from. I think it's the bobbed haircut, and the wisp at the top is reminiscent of a feather.....)

  2. It depends what you're going for.

    #1 is more immediately appealing to the eye. That was my choice at first, because of the warmth.

    #2 is more thought-provoking. The mystery and unsettling nature of the photo keep viewers looking just a moment longer.