Friday, January 21, 2011

Orlando Amtrack Station

I posted earlier this week about participating in Project 52. That shot was taken at the Orlando Amtrack Station. I  thought I would feel a sense of relief in posting it. Like, well now, I'll just check that off my list. But instead, I felt oddly guilty. I felt like that image didn't really do this railroad station justice.

I have a soft spot for history - places, people, memories. I feel sentimental about buildings that have been around before I even existed. I always try to imagine how they must have looked back in their heyday. It makes me sad to see places that were once so integral to people's lives now stand isolated and neglected.

So I have a few more images of this 85 year old building I want to share. I guess, in my mind, it's my way preserving the memory and honoring the history of this place.

"You have to know the past to understand the present."
Carl Sagan

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  1. These pictures are fantastic! I had no idea that place existed and it looks so super cool...I am certain that is thanks to your expertise. ;) I can't even pick a favorite one! I feel like I'm back in the 1800's wearing a horrendous corset (tho I look stunning in it, bwahahaha), running a saloon while wearing a pistol in my garter. You are ridiculously talented lady!!!!!!! muah!