Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pere Lachaise Statues

Pere Lachaise Cemetery is one of the most famous cemeteries in the world. It's romantic and gothic and peaceful (when you can get away from all the other tourists). There are over 100 acres of tree-lined, cobblestoned paths that weave through nineteenth century tombs. Almost every sculpture and monument seems to be trying to outdo the others around it in ostentation. We wandered around for hours, both humming The Smiths' Cemetery Gates the whole time. For this week's post I'm focusing on some of my favorite statues there.
 A dreaded sunny day
So I meet you at the cemetery gates
Keats and Yeats are on your side
While Wilde is on mine...



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  3. These are beautiful Christy! Looked like you had a wonderful day and great lighting!

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