Thursday, August 12, 2010

You can find me in the club

Here is part 2 of the night shoot I did at City Walk. These are shots from inside a club. Another first for me. I'm not as thrilled with these, but the experience was interesting. It was the end of the night, I was hot (sweaty), and getting a lot of stares from the employees. Apparently they're not used to their patrons bringing in DSLRs on tripods.



  1. LOVE the colors. You did an amazing job capturing the night club!

  2. These are interesting. The super saturated colors look unreal. Kind of like a Sci-fi movie from the 1970's, and this is how they think things will look in the future. The last photo has a nice abstract quality to it. It took me a second to realize they were tables and chairs. And the railing really adds a nice neon quality.