Friday, March 18, 2011

iPhone Self Portraits

I used to do a lot more self portraits. There was a period of time, about 13 years ago, when that was almost all I ever shot. Partly because I was always an available model for myself and partly because I had a lot of personal stuff I wanted to express. Self portraiture is usually a pretty personal thing, but like all art, once it's created it should be shared. Or else, why bother?

I've been taking a lot of photos with my phone lately. I think I may use it more as a camera than I use it as a phone. It is just as addictive as my first polaroid. There are several photo apps that I play with quite often, but my favorite (hands down) is Instagram. AND it's free. You can't beat free. Not even with a stick. What I like so much about Instragram is how easy it is to create an emotion/set a mood with one little touch of a button. All the shots below were taken with my iPhone and processed in Instagram:

The one below was shot with my phone, (you may notice the one pic is the same as the last one above) but processed in Photoshop. This little dyptich was inspired by Florence and the Machine's Girl With One Eye. I was simultaneously playing the song on my phone while I was shooting the photos. Seriously. You gotta love technology.

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